Deep data insights, accessible at the surface. Analytics is our newest open beta with an end-to-end data and analysis solution, designed to support your entire studio.

Get to know your players

Get to know your players

Analytics enables studios to easily understand game performance and player behaviors. Capture insights quickly using prebuilt dashboards and visualizations powered by reliable, real-time data.

Explore, understand, and improve your game

If you need more specialized data, Custom Events allows you to track all the actions specific to your game. To go further, check out Data Explorer, which enables you to analyze key metrics, filter data based on multiple characteristics or events, and understand how your game changes over time.

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Key benefits

Deep data at the surface

Understand your game performance with intuitive dashboards and workflows that give you the insights you need regardless of your level of expertise with data and analysis.

Get key insights

Track the data most important for your game with custom audiences, events, and flexible reporting. Create dynamic reporting and data visualizations, unique to your studio's needs.

Discover more with your data

Use Data Explorer to analyze your data based on the criteria important to your business. View how your data changes over time and make informed decisions based on the insights surfaced.

Real-time, secure data

Monitor and react in real-time to how your game changes with a data recency of two hours maximum. Feel secure knowing Unity is keeping your data safe, compliant, and up to date.

Personalize engagement

Audiences allow you to engage with segmented cohorts in a meaningful way. Take action with tailored content, dynamic gameplay updates, and optimized monetization strategies.

Run A/B tests

Create custom Audiences and then run experiments against specific cohorts in Remote Config. Then, you can view your results in Analytics to understand where and how to improve your game for your players.

Learn more

An introduction to game analytics

Want to know about analytics but don’t know where to begin? Learn all about the core concepts, definitions, and best practices around using game analytics in this article.

Event tracking simplified

Discover why event tracking is a key element of game analytics and what you need to know about standard and custom events, different parameters, and common scenarios.

Get started with Analyticsᴮᴱᵀᴬ

It’s pretty easy to get started with Analytics. Just sign up, install the SDK, link your project and you are on your way. Check out our docs portal if you want more info. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started with Analyticsᴮᴱᵀᴬ?

Once you’ve signed up to the Unity Gaming Services beta from the dashboard, select “View SDKs”, find the packages you want, and click “Generate Code Snippet”. From there, just follow the instructions in our technical documentation. It can take a while for data to show in your dashboard, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen instantly.

How much does it cost?

Analytics is completely free to use while in beta and you will not be required to provide a credit card to access it. You can click here to see the pricing for when the products exit beta.

What is the commitment to be a part of the beta?

All you will need to do is go through the sign up flow, copy the snippet, and install a new Unity Gaming Services Analytics SDK into your game. This will unlock the ability to create and analyze events that are custom to your game, make use of additional functionality to dig deep into your game data, and much more!

How does this Analytics solution work with other services on the Unity Gaming Services platform?

You can use Unity Analytics alongside all other Unity Gaming Services products. It’s able to act as a stand alone tool but is more powerful when used with our suite of products. For example, build audiences within Analytics then target them or run A/B tests within Player Engagement for your Remote Config campaigns.

How can I submit feedback?

Please submit any feedback, bugs, or feature requests by filling in this form. We are actively working on capturing, understanding, and implementing customer feedback so we appreciate your support in helping us build a better product.

What platforms are supported?

Analytics currently offers an SDK for Made with Unity games. However, other platforms are supported via the Rest API.

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