Your game, your rules. Matchmaking you control.

Part of our dedicated game server hosting solution, match the right players, in the right time, in the right place - with out-of-the-box Multiplay integration for our Enterprise customers. Currently in closed beta.

Tested by the best and biggest games

Unity Matchmaker is used by some of the biggest names in gaming - including Fall Guys, Overcooked! All You Can Eat and Worms Rumble. It’s easy to integrate, quick to scale and works with any engine, on any platform.

flexible matchmaking

Keep players in your game with fast, flexible matchmaking

Iterate with new ideas to create a fast, frictionless player experience for your audience with an off-the-shelf solution that can scale to your needs.

Stephen Taylor, Technical Director, Mediatonic

“Many studios spend a lot of precious development time building a matchmaker – often for each new game – so being able to use an off-the-shelf solution and adapt it quickly to meet our needs has been great.”

Stephen Taylor, Technical Director, Mediatonic
Terrance Louden, Lead Software Engineer, Respawn Entertainment

“Unity did the networking, matchmaking and voice components better and much faster than we ever could – it’s what they specialize in.”

Terrance Louden, Lead Software Engineer, Respawn Entertainment
Sigurd Murad, CTO, Pineleaf Studio

“It didn’t take much time to deploy them and we knew exactly what it would cost. Deciding to go for Unity Matchmaking was easy, as all the Unity Multiplayer Services people really know their stuff.”

Sigurd Murad, CTO, Pineleaf Studio

Key benefits

Configurable to your game

Matchmaker is built on Open Match, which is an open-source collaboration with Google, and uses custom logic that is parallelized to process a database of tickets representing match requests.

Integrated with Multiplay

Quick and easy integration with our hosting solution, including sessions service, Quality of service and Unity player identity - everything you need to get your game online in one place.

Scales to your needs

Don’t fear success - Matchmaker scales to your playerbase, meaning you don’t have to scramble for extra capacity if your game sees a spike.

Flexible backfill

Connect players to ongoing matches quickly and reliably with backfill you can rely on to keep your matches full of fun.

Quick time-to-match

Make sure that your players spend less time waiting in queues and more time enjoying your game, without having to spend months developing and perfecting your own solution.

Enterprise level support

Benefit from dedicated support from an experienced team of gaming experts.

Learn more

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond - Respawn case study

Discover how smart, simple off-the-shelf matchmaking helped Respawn’s developers focus on gameplay rather than infrastructure.

DwarfHeim - Pineleaf Studio case study

Learn how Matchmaker and Unity Multiplayer Services were able to help Pineleaf Studio reinvest back-end efforts into bringing their unique asymmetric multiplayer RTS DwarfHeim to life.

Closed Beta

Unity Matchmaker is currently in closed beta but if you want to learn more please check out the documentation here to find out more about the service, or contact us or your Client Partner for more information.

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