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Build your game backend without the heavy lifting. Unity’s collection of tools and cloud services host and run content for your game on managed infrastructure, so you can focus on making great games.

Game backend

Everything you need to build your game backend

Build server authoritative game systems quickly and seamlessly. Focus on the business logic of your game, and take advantage of our expertise to manage backend infrastructure.

Explore our latest solutions

Cloud Codeᴮᴱᵀᴬ

Run your game logic in the cloud as serverless functions and interact with other backend services.

Cloud Saveᴮᴱᵀᴬ

Build better player experiences by storing game data to the cloud.


Design and plan your game economy, and easily tune it to build a better game for your players.


Anonymously login your players for a seamless user experience.

Get started with our content management tools

Effortlessly deploy new content

Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery combines powerful asset management, cloud storage, and a reliable content delivery network to help you deliver the right content to your players at the right time.

Remotely configure content in real-time

Unity’s Remote Config allows you to change application configurations remotely in real-time, increasing iteration speed and helping with the tuning and deployment of your software.

Build more, pay less

Everything you need to launch, manage, and operate your game – at a fair price. Our products are designed to work for AAA studios, indie developers, and everyone in between.

All beta products are currently free, including Cloud Codeᴮᴱᵀᴬ, Cloud Saveᴮᴱᵀᴬ, Economyᴮᴱᵀᴬ, and Authenticationᴮᴱᵀᴬ.

Ibrahim Rageh, Head of Technology, Nifty Games

“By gracefully combining Asset Bundle hosting and distribution with a robust release management portal, Unity saved us time and money, so we could focus on creating, shipping, and operating great games.”

Ibrahim Rageh, Head of Technology, Nifty Games
Mike Lehne, CTO, Concrete Software

“Without CCD we would have to implement a lot of the versioning, file IDs, and environments ourselves, which did not work as well in our previous ad-hoc solutions.”

Mike Lehne, CTO, Concrete Software

Frequently asked questions

What is Unity Game Backend?

Unity Gaming Services is an end-to-end platform that is designed to help you build, operate, and scale your game. 

As part of Unity Gaming Services, Game Backend products are a collection of tools that will give you what you need to create the backend for your game. They are managed cloud services that host and run content for your game. Some products are in beta, specifically Cloud Code, Cloud Save, and Economy.

How do I sign up for the Unity Gaming Services beta products?

You can get started today for free! Click here to get started and download the beta packages.

What is the price for the Unity Gaming Services beta products?

Unity Gaming Services products are completely free to use while in beta. You can click here to see the pricing for when the products leave beta. You won’t be required to provide credit card information until then.

Is my game right for Game Backend?

Are you building a game that requires regular content updates? Free-to-play games with player economies, microtransactions, in-game events, and calendar milestones need an asset management and delivery solution. With Game Backend solutions, you can skip the hassle of building and maintaining your own backend.

Can Game Backend solutions only be used with the Unity engine?

Currently, all Unity Gaming Services beta products, including Cloud Code, Cloud Save and Economy, can only be used with the Unity engine.

Cloud Content Delivery and Remote Config can be configured to work with any engine.

What platforms are supported?

Unity Gaming Services, open to all developers for free during its beta period, is available immediately with support for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows. Console support is currently on an invite-only basis, but will be made available soon. To learn more and sign-up, visit http://www.gamingservices.unity.com

Cloud Content Delivery currently supports live updates of asset bundles for applications running on mobile and PC. Console support is not available at this time.

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